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In Tasmania an owner builder is either:

  • a natural person (not a company, partnership or trust) who is registered as an owner builder by the Director of Building Control to undertake on their own land a building project which requires a building permit and is valued at over $5,000 or
  • an owner who will perform a building project which requires a building permit, but:
    • the work is valued at less than $5,000;
    • or the work is exempt from Owner Builder Registration (meaning any Class 10 buildings, or any Class 7b farm buildings).

More information is available on the Department of Justice website.

The Department of Justice lists the 7 Steps to becoming an owner-builder as:

  1. Develop your plans with your architect or accredited Building Designer and decide whether you want to become an owner builder.
  2. Take your completed plans to a Building Surveyor and advise them that you intend to be an owner builder.
  3. Book in and complete the Tasmanian Owner Builder Responsibilities Course and Construction Induction card (White Card) course.
  4. Ask the Building Surveyor to seek approval from the Director of Building Control for you to act as an owner builder. The Building Surveyor will assist in the completion of the Application for Owner Builder Permit Application form.  Attach the training course certificates and send it into Building Standards and Occupational Licencing.
  5. If approval is granted, the Director of Building Control will issue a certificate with a registration number. The Building Surveyor will then issue you with a Certificate of Likely Compliance.
  6. You now need to apply for a building permit from your local Council. You will need to include all design documents, an Owner Builder Registration certificate and the Certificate of Likely Compliance with your application for a building permit.
  7. Before you commence building, you must provide your Building Surveyor with a Start Work Notice issued by your local Council.
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