Vehicular Crossing

If you would like to upgrade or install a driveway into your property from the road to your front boundary, Council requires that you lodge a Vehicular Crossing Application form.

What is a vehicular crossover?
A crossover or driveway is the vehicular access to a property. This is between the property boundary and the edge of the road carriageway.  However the property owner is responsible for any alteration or maintenance or construction of the crossover and any work must be done to Council's standard.

In what circumstances do I need to apply for a vehicular crossover permit?
A permit is required for the construction of a new crossover or the modification of an existing crossover.

What are the requirements for a vehicular crossover?
Specific requirements for the construction of the crossover can be obtained from Council's Civil Works Officer. The site must be inspected by the Civil Works Officer prior to the commencement of construction. The vehicular crossover will be required to be constructed in a location which maximises safety for road users and property owners.

Is there a charge for making a vehicular crossover application?
There is no charge for a vehicular crossover application.

Further Information
For further information relating to vehicular crossovers or to book an inspection, please contact Council's Civil Works Officer on 6323 9300.

Driveway Application Form and Information Sheet (2.8 MB)

Vehicular crossings - approved contractors (25 KB)

Working in a Road Reserve

When undertaking work in a road reserve, you must first complete an application form as below and return it to

Work in road reserve application

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