Emergency Management

In Australia, the three spheres of government (Australian, State and local) work in partnership to achieve safer, sustainable communities through robust emergency management arrangements. The Tasmanian Emergency Management Plan provides a summary of the different government roles in emergency management. Non-government organisations, industry/professions, communities and individuals complement the work of governments in emergency management.

At municipal level, Councils have a central role in coordinating and facilitating a range of emergency management activities for all hazards, as well as resourcing specific Council responsibilities for emergency management. To complement the TEMP Council, in conjunction with other emergency services organisations, has developed a West Tamar Municipal Emergency Management Plan specific to the West Tamar region. This plan aims to describe the emergency management arrangements established within the  municipality.  The objectives of this plan are to record:
a)     roles and responsibilities related to identified hazards and emergency management functions;
b)     current arrangements for Prevention and Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery including:
          i)     the legislated requirement to maintain this plan
         ii)     protocols for coordinating mutual support with neighbouring councils
         iii)    identifying ways to request/access additional support from regional, State and Australian governments;
c)     identify opportunities to reduce risks to the community.

You can download the West Tamar Municipal Emergency Management Plan and Social Recovery Plan below:

West Tamar Municipal Emergency Management Plan

West Tamar Social Recovery Plan

More information in relation to emergency services and emergency management can be found on the Tasmanian State Emergency Service website.

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