Australia Day Awards

The Citizen of the Year Awards are proudly presented by the Australia Day Council of Tasmania and administered by local Councils.

The Awards recognise and reward individuals and organisations that have made a noteworthy contribution during the current year, and/or give an outstanding service over a number of years to the community, over and above normal employment duties. Outstanding contributions and community service includes areas such as: education, health, fund-raising, charitable and voluntary services, business, sport, arts, the environment, or any other area that contributes to the advancement and well being of a community. All residents of the West Tamar Municipal Area are eligible and nominations of non-residents who have made an outstanding contribution to the community will also be considered. The selection panel for the awards comprises the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors. The awards will be presented at council’s Australia Day Celebrations.

Nominations are now being accepted in the following categories:

  • Citizen of the Year

  • Young Citizen of the Year

  • Young Sportsperson of the Year 

  • Community Event / Group of the Year

Nomination forms can be completed below or collected from one of our Council Offices during business hours.


  • You may include supporting documentation such as newspaper articles, websites, personal references or history of previous awards with your nomination.

  • Please do not nominate the same person more than once.

  • Please provide contact details for both you and your nominee.

  • The nomination form asks you to tell us about your nominee, you may like to answer the following questions: How are they an inspirational role model? How have they demonstrated excellence in their field and to the community?

  • In answering these questions, you may consider the following: In what area and/or roles has the person excelled? How does the person stand out from the pack? How has their achievement/service been greater than what might be normally expected of a person their age and in their field? 

  • Focus on both the quality and quantity of their achievement/service. How much of their work has been voluntary, focused on helping others or making Australia a better place? Has the person overcome particular challenges or adversities to make their achievement? How difficult has their achievement been? 

  • You may  like to consider how the person nominated makes you proud to be Australian? Is your view shared by others in your community? If so, who?  Why should other Australians look to the person as a role model?

  • Provide examples to support your statements. Don't just make a statement – demonstrate it with examples.

For more information or assistance with your nomination please contact our Community Development Officer on 6323 9200.

Nominations close 8th November 2022.

  • Australia Day Awards Nomination Form

  • Recognising and rewarding individuals, groups and events that have made a noteworthy contribution during the current
    year, or has given outstanding service over a number of years to the community.


    Citizen of the Year -
    The nominee must be an Australian Citizen.

    Young Citizen & Young Sportsperson of the Year -
    The nominee must be an Australian Citizen under 30 years of age on 26 January 2023.

    Community Group/Event of the Year -
    The nominee(s) must be a group or person that has staged an outstanding community event or activity during 2022 or over a number of years.

    The selection panel for the awards comprises of the Mayor and Councillors, with awards being presented at Council’s 2023 Australia Day Celebrations.

    Nominees and nominators may be asked to be interviewed to create a presentation package for the West Tamar Council Australia Day Awards.

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