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The Beacon newsletter is West Tamar Council’s quarterly resident newsletter. It comprises of a range of community interest articles and is Council’s primary media for relaying information to the community. Council is pleased to share any available space among community groups, organisations, schools, and events within the West Tamar municipality. Contributions can be submitted to our Media Communications Officer:


phone: 6323 9300

post: P.O. Box 16, Riverside 7250

Publication of articles is subject to editing, availability of space, and editor’s discretion.

Previous Beacons

  • Beacon Submissions

  • To be included, articles and events should meet the following criteria:

    -          Be focussed or held within the Tamar Valley, or have a strong connection to the Tamar Valley

    -          Be of community interest

    -          Does not involve or promote any illegal activity

    -          Does not solely promote a business

    -          If an event, is open to the public

    -          If an event, has a community participation or tourism focus


    Preferable qualities:

    -          If an event, is low cost or free

    -          Submission includes a poster or accompanying picture of reasonable quality

    -          Non-political

    -          Does not exceed 500 words

  • Filename

    • Publication of articles and events is subject to editing, availability of space, and editor’s discretion. Excess information which does not fit within our quarterly newsletter, or meet the deadline, may be published on our website’s Latest News and Events sections.


      If you would like your community service or recreational organisation listed in our Community Services Guide, please contact Council's Community Development Officer on 6323 9200 or email

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