To assist you in applying for employment at the West Tamar Council please download:


WTC Application-for-Employment-Form 2024

Details on how to place an application for employment at West Tamar Council are included in the above Application For Employment Form.

Your application may not be considered unless a completed application form and a copy of your resume is provided to West Tamar Council.

If you are interested in employment at West Tamar Council and there is not a current vacancy, we will receive completed application forms and resumes and hold them on file for up to six months.

For general enquiries regarding recruitment please email wtc@wtc.tas.gov.au and your enquiries will be forwarded to the person best able to assist you.

Your application can be sent to wtc@wtc.tas.gov.au or PO Box 16, Riverside 7250 and must be received by 5pm on the date listed in the job vacancy.

Your application is deemed to be received:

a. if transmitted electronically - upon receipt by the sender of an electronic receipt notification (generated by the system; or transmitting the notice).

b. if delivered by hand or sent by prepaid post - upon delivery to 2-4 Eden Street, Riverside.

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