Road Reserves

A road reserve is the public land outside your property boundary and generally includes the nature strip or verge, roadside drains or kerbing, footpath and roadway.

Nature strips provide a space for underground and overhead services such as drainage, water, sewage, gas, phone and electricity. While a property owner does not own their nature strip they are responsible for maintaining the surface such as mowing the grass.

Council regularly mows roadsides at intersections and high traffic areas to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. We also mow some roadsides around towns, shopping areas and tourist destinations. Council also manages an annual roadside slashing program to reduce fire fuel and hazards on rural roads throughout the municipality.

Private work in a road reserve
Approval may be required prior to works being undertaken on West Tamar Council controlled road reserves. This is to ensure Council's road reserves are protected and reinstated to their original state after works have been carried out and to ensure the risk to public safety is minimised.

Approval is required if works are being undertaken within Council's road reserves such as:
• stormwater drainage and pit installations
• vehicle crossing construction and modification
• footpath and kerbing replacement
• water supply and sewer connections
• installation of public utilities
• road works
• tree planting/removal or structures on nature strips/road reserves.

For all enquiries please contact Council’s Clerk of Works on 6323 9300.

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