Tasmanian Planning Scheme

The Tasmanian Planning Scheme, including the West Tamar Local Provisions Schedule, is now effective in the municipality.  It was formally gazetted on 9 February 2022.

The Tasmanian Planning Scheme is made up of two components: 

1.         The State Planning Provisions

2.         The Local Provisions Schedule.

The intent of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme is to achieve as much consistency as possible in the planning rules that apply across the State.

State Planning Provisions 

The State Planning Provisions (SPPs) have been approved by the Minister for Planning.

You can view the provisions at the planning reform website.

West Tamar Local Provisions Schedule

The West Tamar Local Provisions Schedule (LPS) relates to our specific Council area and allows for planning rules that cater for the unique qualities of the West Tamar.

The Tasmanian Planning Scheme including the LPS can be viewed on the Tasmanian Planning Commission Website and the mapping can be viewed on LISTmap by adding the Tasmanian Planning Scheme zone and overlay layers.

Amendment AMD 02/22 to the Local Provisions Schedule – Environmental Management Zone review

The Tasmanian Planning Commission recently made their decision about the proposed amendments to private properties in the Environmental Management Zone. Of the 66 properties involved, some amendments to zonings were approved, some rejected, some modified and some substantially modified

Full details of the assessment process and the decision is available on the Planning Commission’s website.

If the amendment was approved or modified, the new zoning and modifications took effect on 20 February 2024 and the zoning of the property has now changed.

If the amendment was rejected, the zoning has not changed, and the property remains in the Environmental Management Zone.

If the amendment was substantially modified, the modification will need to be exhibited and a further decision made on the substantial modification by the Tasmanian Planning Commission. 

A letter has been sent to each affected landowner about the decision.

 The amended zone mapping is available via www.thelist.tas.gov.au

A3 PDF version of LPS mapping

A3 PDF map books can be downloaded below:

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