Design Awards

Council is formally recognising good design in the municipality through the annual Design Awards. The awards began in 2016 and aim to encourage good design in a positive way, outside the formal planning and building approval process.

Nominations are sought for four categories: single dwelling, multiple dwellings, extension and non-residential project. These are judged by a three person panel comprising the Mayor Christina Holmdahl and two of Council’s Managers.

Winners receive a plaque or a peg, which is presented at a Council Workshop. It is hoped that the reputation of the awards builds over time. 

Selection Criteria (as approved by Councillors):

1. Capacity to stimulate, engage and delight its occupants, visitors and passers-by.
2. Complexity of brief / degree of difficulty - its ambition and ideas.
3. Extent of innovation, invention and originality.
4. Integration of allied disciplines - contribution of others, including engineers, landscape architects and other specialists to the project outcome.
5. Selection of materials and the way in which they are detailed.
6. Size / space – but not in terms of square metres, the spatial experience it offers.
7. Public benefits – has it made a significant contribution to its immediate environment?
8. Sustainability – The benefit to the environment through design.
9. Performance against the above criteria in light of the project budget.



Winner Best New Single Dwelling: 2 Daitom Place, Trevallyn
Owners: Mark and Caroline Knight
Designer: Honed Architecture & Design

Builder: JA Vogelaar Contractor

The project stood out because of its perfect balance in delivering a modern, architectural home, while still feeling cosy and homely. This, together with the clever design and build execution on what is a steep and constrained site, was a large part of why this project won the award. The dwelling is discreet and unassuming from the street, but opens up to the north with large picture windows and an internal garden, capitalising on sunlight access and views to the north. Even though the project is situated on a narrow site in suburban Trevallyn, the design has been carefully executed to retain the privacy of both its residents and the neighbouring residents.


Winner Best Renovation/Extension: 1313 Greens Beach Road, Kelso
Owners: Bradley and Amanda Ward
Designer: Design to Live
Builders: Bradley and Amanda Ward

Perhaps better remembered as the old radio broadcasting station built in the 1930s, this dwelling exudes grandeur and elegance, capitalising on the sturdy brick construction, high ceilings and colonial windows that came with the building style of that era. This renovation project was not for the faint hearted, requiring someone with vision and an understanding of the valuable historical elements to take on the project. The currently landowners had just that, and were able to transform the building into a modern residence while preserving its history. This included retention of the colonial windows, original brick, and the old ceiling gantry, now a feature in the main living room, as a tribute to its previous function. The radio station had limited wet areas, so plumbing works to enable its new function as a dwelling were a particular challenge that required creativity and persistence. 


Winner Best Renovation/Extension: 56 Pleasant Hills Drive, Grindelwald
Owners: Martin and Pauline Mol
Designer: BVZ Designs
Builder: Moorey Constructions Pty Ltd

An unusual candidate for the best renovation/extension, this quaint secondary residence (ancillary dwelling) is subservient to an existing, larger residential dwelling on the property. The project was a standout because of its response to the topography and surrounding bushland environment; it adds to the natural beauty of this property rather than taking away from it. As a modest, single bedroom dwelling, the project also stood out as an example of how good design does not necessarily equate to large, grand and expensive. Materials and colours were chosen to blend into the natural landscape, and together with the situation on the property provide for a relaxing ‘retreat’ style dwelling.


Winner Best Multiple Dwelling Development: 2/55 Lachlan Parade, Trevallyn
Owners: Kapila Armener
Designer: 6ty Degrees
Builder: J&N Developments (also previous owners)

If there is one word to describe this project it would be ‘light’. The internal finishes and colours, together with large picture windows and skylights give a feeling of bright openness and space.  This project was a standout for its attention to detail and high quality finishes. Style and colour themes continue throughout the dwelling in the walls, tiles and light fittings. The project capitalises on the views to the Tamar River with two large picture windows and an outdoor entertainment area facing north-east. The project responds well to the steep topography and still provides two relatively large and flat open space areas (balcony and lower backyard). The thoughtful interior layout and open living give the illusion of a large family home, while being perfect for smaller households.



Past winners:

2022 - 

Winner Best New Single Dwelling: 325 Gravelly Beach Road, Gravelly Beach. Owners: Ken and Debbie Rogers, Designer: Plans to Build and Builder (and previous landowner): Thomas Van Oosterom.

This project struck us by its bold industrial-like exterior, yet warm and intimate interior. The design was carefully executed (and built) by previous landowners and builders Thomas and Kim van Oosterom, with the gable roof and exposed beams over the dining area giving the illusion of a larger space, large east facing windows for the morning sun and views, and highlight windows to the north to allow sunlight access into the house whilst maintaining privacy. The mezzanine second story provided additional light to the hallway below, and the internal “balcony” within the master bedroom creating the illusion of a much larger bedroom space. The dwelling is beautifully finished with black accents throughout the interior and exterior.

Winner Best New Single Dwelling: 63 New World Avenue, Trevallyn. Owners: Jonathan Pople and Hayley Wrankmore, Designer: Gillian van der Schans and Builder: Tim Hawkins (Form Projects).

The house is a beautiful example of modern architecture with the use of a variety of exterior materials and angles making for an eye-catching dwelling. The design and build has been well executed on what is a constrained site, being both narrow and very steep, and played a large role in why this project won the award. The front of the dwelling is humble and unassuming at the street level, while the rear, containing the living areas, opens up over the sloping land with the window placement enabling beautiful views to the south-east/Trevallyn Reserve.

Winner Best Multiple Dwelling Development: 34 New Ecclestone Road, Riverside. Owners: Van Johnstone Developments, Designer: Design to Live and Builder: Bohdi van Dyk (Ablest Homes).

This project is more than just your average multiple dwelling project, with exterior and interior finishes setting it apart from the stereotypical unit. It is clear already from the street, that the developers have made an effort to go above and beyond to create an architecturally pleasing development, that is inviting for residents and visitors, with exterior cladding colours and angles offering an interesting outlook. 

2021 - 

Winner Best New Single Dwelling: 1 Daniella Court, Trevallyn. Owners: Rob and Sue Miller, Designer: Gilliam van der Schans and Builder: Tim Hawkins.

The design brief was for a home for two that suited the individual needs of the client. Rob and Sue are not motivated by resale or standard expectations of a home, but they are motivated by their desire to create an original home that specifically suits their lifestyle, interests and daily routines. The brief was for a compact home where all the spaces are used and essential to facilitating their lifestyle. There are no empty infrequently used bedrooms or an excessive quantity of bathrooms and toilets. The brief included a study that is more like an everyday living space to be creative in and a large social kitchen that facilitates Sue’s love of cooking and entertaining. The lounge room is closely connected to the great views and the sun. There are special design considerations for their two dogs and a desire to create a home that will suit them into retirement.

Winner Best Renovation or Extension: COMO, 2159 Kayena Road, Kayena. Owners/Builders: Nigel and Rowena Austin, Designer: Troppo Architects.

Despite its fascinating history and headland site on the Tamar, Como had been on the market for years when bought by Nigel and Rowena Austin in late 2017. They were told the 1910 Federation house had been untended for too long and the problems too great for many potential buyers. A leaking roof, dangerous wiring, poor foundations and unworkable chimneys combined with impractical later add-ons and fill-ins.
It was not a house for 21st century living. However, Como had two winning attributes – 270-degree views of the river including, to the front, the Batman Bridge over Drumstick Island, and the largely intact original house with its grand sitting room of leadlight windows and intricate timberwork.

Winner Best Multiple Dwelling Development: 13 Allison Avenue, Riverside. Owner/Builder: Tony Streefland, Streefland Developments. Designer: Leigh Adams.

Tony and Wilma have built many houses over the years in their role as contractors, and are ready to consolidate all their experience into their perfect home.
They wanted a unique development that capitalised on the amazing views and sun that the site offers. They spend a lot of time on the North East Coast, so having a low maintenance dwelling was their preference, but they also wanted a place that they are excited to come home to.
The brief for both Townhouses included maximising solar access and views, with large areas of North facing glass, while ensuring privacy and visual separation for the outdoor areas and glazing. Undercover parking would be underneath and all living areas above, accessed via stairs and a lift to ensure both dwellings can be occupied by people with limited mobility. A minimum of 3 bedrooms with the master separate from the other rooms was requested. Open plan living was preferred with a separate media room or office space. The undercover outdoor space must be private and accessible via the living rooms.

Winner Best Non Residential Project: Miners Gold Microbrewery, 5 West Street, Beaconsfield. Owners: Brett and Kathleen Victory, Designer: Meindert van der Molen from MV Consulting, Builder: Ascent Group.

Brett started home brewing and joined the Launceston Brew Club, developed a taste for craft beer and gained an understanding of the industry and its potential growth.
Kath and Brett started a conversation about building a brewery making craft beer and using the Tasmanian made theme as tourism and hospitality was booming.
After viewing many properties, the West Street property popped up on our news feed, Kath viewed the property and said it needed a bit of work… (Understatement of the year).
They made the decision based on its zoning to buy the property with no conditions and in worst case we would have restored the house and lived in it.

2020 - 

Winner best single dwelling: The Boathouse, 350 Deviot Road, Deviot. Owner: Greg Curzon-Siggers, Designer: My Build Collective.

2 bedroom home design pays tribute to the history of the land which was once a thriving ship/boat building enterprise that still to this day has the slipway carved into the volcanic rock at the shoreline, and two timber sleepers can be seen at low tide.

The dwelling is founded into the hill by a footing and slab design that also attaches to a cantilevering steel structure. This structure seemingly suspends the home over the river’s edge from the internal edge of the home. The gable ends of the home feature rough sawn Tasmanian Oak that not only contrast beautifully with the horizontal black Colorbond cladding but also a robust low maintenance finish.

The front entry door leads into the living room which is cosy, inviting and has spectacular water and mountain views through the double-glazed floor-to-ceiling windows with a large volume of space created by a 45° raking ceiling lined with Baltic pine. This light-filled area is the heart of the home and also features black hand-crafted trusses that were pre-assembled off site and then craned into place at the framing stage.

Winner best non-residential project: Stoney Rise Cellar Door, 96 Hendersons Lane Gravelly Beach, Owners: Joe and Lou Holyman, Designer: Cumulus Studio.

40 minutes from Launceston at Gravelly Beach perched high on a hill with sweeping views of the Tamar River and the Holyman’s vineyard, the architecturally designed Cellar Door was completed in 2020. Lou Holyman was closely involved in the design of the Cellar Door with Cumulus Studio Architects and wanted to provide a unique experience for customers to the vineyard.

Key design features include an impressive angular design which draws the eye up whilst encompassing large picture windows to make the most of the view. Spotted gum window trims and joinery have been used internally along with clay brick floors and brick walls to give the Cellar Door a warm and inviting feel which can be opened up to the outside court yard area via large glass sliding panels.

2017 - 

Winner best single dwelling: Edwards + Simpson/L. & R. Atkins. Good design in the Eden Hills Estate. Logically arranged and cleverly articulated volumes are oriented toward the sun and the view. Engaging from the street whilst being respectful of its neighbours. Well considered outdoor space and effective use of materials.

Winner best multiple dwellings: Terrace Twenty Five/K. & B. Wheeler. The second unit in a staged project for the builders/developers/owners. Effective use of a steep site to capitalise on views. Skilled use of materials, particularly the timber-lined semi-enclosed deck.

Winner best renovation/extension: Prime Design/Velo Wines. The next stage in the development of a long-established vineyard in the West Tamar. A striking, modern extension to the existing cellar door that is at the same time welcoming and intimate.

Winner best non-residential project: Simplicity Studio/Moores Hill Estate. Fresh thinking on how a winery could be arranged to benefit those who work there and the end result, the wine. It doesn’t hurt that it delights from the outside and runs completely off-grid too.

2016 - 
Winner best single dwelling: Alan Powell & Prime Design/J. & M. Taylor, Legana: A considered and comprehensive approach to the layout, with high quality finishes, including polished concrete. The design provides privacy to the street but opens up to the views and sun.

Winner best multiple dwellings: Urban Design Solutions/Swain Constructions, Riverside: 
The terrace arrangement is an efficient use of the steep site. It has a timeless street façade. Well finished and presented urban living with generous outdoor areas.

Winner best non-residential project: Wington Glamping, Clarence Point: 
A new concept in the municipality that has won people over with its sensitive use of a spectacular site for luxury camping.

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