Dog Exercise Areas 

Council recognises the need to provide recreational opportunities for owners to make use of with their dogs. Council guidelines are displayed at each area to ensure all users (people and canine) enjoy their time in the park.

Lead in Public Places


It is a requirement of the Dog Control Act 2000 (the Act) that all dogs are kept under effective control at all times. The dog is secured and restrained by means of a lead not exceeding 2 metres in length and held by the hand of a person of sufficient age and strength to control the dog.

In an area where a dog is not required to be on a lead, a dog (other than a greyhound, a dangerous dog or a restricted breed dog) is considered under effective control if:
- it is in close proximity to the person; and
- it is in sight of the person; and
- the person is able to demonstrate, to the satisfaction of an authorised person, that the dog is immediately responsive to commands.

Failure to keep a dog under effective control or immediately remove and dispose of their dog’s faeces dropped in a public place, could result in an infringement.


Off Lead Exercise Areas


The following areas have been set aside for the off lead exercising of dogs. All areas are fully fenced (unless otherwise indicated) and dog waste bags and bins are provided.


Riverside / Trevallyn

Lions Park - Pitt Avenue

Windsor Community Precinct - West Tamar Hwy (dogs are NOT permitted on any sports ovals and must be on lead in all other areas)


Tanner Drive

Legana Recreation Ground


Rosevears Recreation Ground, Hall Street, Rosevears (unfenced)

Gravelly Beach

Anzac Park - Gravelly Beach


Exeter Community Hub


RSL Park - Weld Street

Beauty Point

Esplanade, near intersection with Mainwaring Street

Restricted Areas


These areas (but not limited to) have been identified as areas that the activities of dogs need to be restricted.

Tailrace Park - Riverside

Dogs must remain on a leash at all times in the park area and are not permitted to enter the boardwalk area along the River due to safety concerns and the presence of wildlife.


Windsor Community Precinct - Riverside

Dogs are not permitted at any time of the year on any of the playing fields and must remain on lead in all other areas except the declared off lead area.

Prohibited Areas


Dogs are not permitted to be taken into the grounds of a school, pre-school, kindergarten, crèche, shop, shopping centre, public swimming pool, playing area of a sports ground or any area within 10 metres of a playground.


Council have also identified the following areas as sensitive areas and as such it is prohibited for dogs to enter (Guide dogs & Hearing dogs permitted).


Greens Beach - Greens Beach

Any undeveloped area (where no boardwalk exists) of the sand dunes.

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