Current Projects

Council simultaneously undertakes many projects throughout the municipality. Below is a snapshot of what we're currently working on and expected timelines for completion.

Legana Plaza and Main Street
The new Boulevard has been sealed from the intersection with Freshwater Point Road to the Legana Recreation Ground.  The new traffic lights at the Freshwater Point Road/Brigalow Street intersection have also been installed. They will not be turned on until line marking and other works are completed.

Whilst the final road works around the new Boulevard are finished, access to the Tyre Mechanic, the Reject Shop and the Salvation Army may change. Current works have limited access to the southern end of the Salvation Army Car park and vehicles are unable to travel around the side of the building. This area won't be accessible until the plaza works are completed and the main street is opened to the public in late May. This project is part of the Legana Masterplan and the new Legana Main Street which has been made possibly from a Federally funded grant.

Riverside Stormwater Works
Riverside stormwater works on Balmoral Avenue and Penrith Street (Part A) and Gray Street (Part B).

Following on from the Stage 1 Stormwater upgrade completed in Riverside Drive and Rannoch Avenue, Council through its contractor Zanetto Civil Pty Ltd, have been undertaking Stage 2 of the major stormwater upgrade in Balmoral Avenue and Penrith Street.

Currently the works are outside 8 Penrith Street, with approximately 400m of stormwater pipes to be installed finishing adjacent to 52 Penrith Street. 

Progress has unfortunately been slowed by more rock in the area than we anticipated. As the amount of rock is quite unpredictable, it is difficult to put a time frame on completion, but we expect it will take another 16 weeks.

This work is important as it will ultimately reduce the frequency of properties flooding after a large storm event.

Part B on Gray Street, Riverside has also encountered some problems. During excavation works, contractors discovered underground conditions that were far worse than expected, or had been encountered in previous stages. In short, the ground condition under the road was a soft, saturated clay “slurry”.

To rectify this, much of this section of road has had to be excavated and replaced with new fill which will be compacted and a geotextile fabric installed. This is required to provide a solid structure to position the stormwater pipe within and allow for the road to be reconstructed above it.


Council in its 2019/2020 Capital budget has now allocated funds for the entire length of Gray Street to be resealed with asphalt. Unfortunately, a dry sub base is required to successfully lay such a seal, and therefore sealing work will not begin until weather conditions allow. In the interim, the stormwater trench will remain gravel on this section of the road. Council will maintain the gravel section of the road until sealing can take place.

Atkinsons Road Grindelwald New Kerb and Footpath
New kerb, channel and footpath will be constructed on the eastern side of Atkinsons Road between St Albans Court and Skyline Avenue in Grindelwald.

Mainwaring Street Beauty Point New Footpath
A new footpath will be constructed on Mainwaring Street in Beauty Point, joining the current footpath on the Esplanade.

Sewage Intrusion Program
West Tamar Council and City of Launceston are participating in a program funded by NRM North to improve the health of the Tamar Estuary.

The primary objective is to identify instances of sewage in the urban stormwater systems. Paneltec, as authorised officers of the West Tamar Council, are undertaking inspections of stormwater systems throughout Trevallyn and Riverside from July 2019, for approximately 4 months. Inspections may be undertaken on private property but Paneltec employees can produce Council identification cards upon request.

Any enquires, please contact Council’s Engineer on 03 6323 9300

Starting Soon:

Summit Road Trevallyn Road Footpath Extension
The footpath on Summit Road Trevallyn will be extended east from the current path.

Pleasant Hills Drive Grindelwald New Stormwater and Kerbing
The Tender has been awarded for new stormwater and kerbing in Grindelwald.

Pitt Avenue Trevallyn Footpath Extension
The footpath on Pitt Avenue will be extended from Morley Road to the bus stop heading north.

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