Current Projects

Council simultaneously undertakes many projects throughout the municipality. Below is a snapshot of what we're currently working on. The full Capital Works Program can be found in our latest budget.

Gravelly Beach Pontoon Upgrade
The Pontoon at Gravelly Beach is being upgraded. Works were due to be completed by 30th June but due to further delays including waiting on the arrival of some of the steel and waiting for the appropriate tide to be able to install the gangway and pontoon once construction is complete, we anticipate it reopening in November 2022.

Road Reconstruction
The fourth section of Long Plains Road, Bridgenorth will be reconstructed after the tender was awarded to Walters Contracting at our August 2022 Council Meeting. Works started Monday 29th August and will continue through until Mid December.

Footpath Extension
The footpath from West Tamar Road along Windsor Drive in Riverside is being extended along the southern side of the road.

Road Reconstruction
We will be undertaking a road reconstruction, drainage and associated civil works in the road reserve from house no. 171 to 121 Bevic Rd, Clarence Point after the tender was awarded to Andrew Walter Construction pty ltd at our August 2022 Council Meeting.  Works began on Monday 26th September 2022 and will continue for 7 weeks.

Municipal Reseal Program
The municipal reseal program has been awarded to Fulton Hogan at our August 2022 Council Meeting and is currently underway in areas of Riverside and Trevallyn.

Starting Soon:

Barrier Coating
The barrier of the Supply River Bridge will be re-coated after the tender was awarded to McElligotts TAS pty ltd at our July 2022 Council Meeting.

New Change Rooms
New change rooms will be constructed at the Bridgenorth Football Club, Bridgenorth to accommodate their growing women's competition. The Tender  was awarded to TasBuilt Homes pty ltd at our August 2022 Council Meeting.

Intersection Reconstruction
The intersection at Moss Side Road, Frankford will be reconstructed.

Footpath Extension
The footpath on Main Road will be extended.

Bridge Replacement
A bridge on Winkleigh Road, Exeter will be replaced after the tender was awarded to TasSpan at the September 2022 Council Meeting.

Recently Completed:

Footpath Upgrade
Stage 2 of the footpath upgrade on Newlands Street, Trevallyn has now been completed.

Intersection Upgrade
The intersection of Mitchelsons Road and Notley Hills Road has been reconstructed.

Footpath Replacement
We recently upgraded the footpath on the eastern side of Main Road, Exeter between Winkleigh Road and Tamar Valley Court.

The work was undertaken by our contractor RJ May Civil Construction to address safety issues and improve the usability and amenity of the area.

Deviot Road Drainage and Resealing Works
Deviot Road was recently resealed and drainage works undertaken thanks to the Australian Government the Australian Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program providing $145,000 of funding.

This program supports local Councils to deliver priority local road and community infrastructure projects across Australia, supporting jobs and the resilience of local economies to help communities bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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