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Council's Vision Statement

To create an inclusive community where people want to live, work and invest.


West Tamar Municipal Area includes the western side of the kanamaluka/Tamar River estuary from the suburban area of Riverside, extending north to Bass Strait and as far west as Frankford.


West Tamar Council was inaugurated on the 2nd April 1993 and has offices in Riverside, Windsor Community Precinct, Exeter and Beaconsfield.


The major industries are tourism, retailing, agriculture, fishing, world class vineyards and first class maritime education facilities.


The valley has various natural attractions, including the Narawntapu National Park, Notley Fern Gorge, Tamar Island Wetlands and the kanamaluka/Tamar River estuary. The valley has an abundance of historic attractions and points of interest associated with the foundation of Tasmania, in particular, the York Town settlement and the Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Centre.


The kanamaluka/Tamar River estuary and its tributaries are home to an abundance of bird life and, combined with its beautiful landscape, make West Tamar a peaceful and idyllic residential and rural setting.


Snapshot of West Tamar Council


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