Council Meetings - Dates and Locations

Council's meetings are open to members of the public and press and procedures are governed by the Local Government (Meetings Procedures) Regulations 2005 (the Regulations). Council does not operate on a committee system and all decisions are made by the Council as a whole.

Meetings are held at 1.30pm on the third Tuesday of every month (see below for 2018 dates). A period of 30 minutes is set aside for a community input segment at which members of the public may present suggestions or ideas to Council or ask questions concerning any Council related activities.

Please note that meetings are conducted alternately between the Council Chambers, Beaconsfield and the Windsor Community Precinct, Riverside.

Council's agenda and minutes for each meeting are displayed on the website and at the Riverside and Beaconsfield offices from the Friday prior to the Council meeting.

Meeting Dates for 2018

Meeting Date Meeting Location Meeting Time

16 January 2018 Riverside (Windsor Community Precinct) 1:30pm
20 February 2018 Beaconsfield 1:30pm
20 March 2018 Riverside (Windsor Community Precinct) 1:30pm
17 April 2018 Beaconsfield 1:30pm
15 May 2018 Riverside (Windsor Community Precinct) 1:30pm
12 June 2018 Beaconsfield 1:30pm
17 July 2018 Riverside (Windsor Community Precinct) 1:30pm
21 August 2018 Beaconsfield 1:30pm
18 September 2018 Riverside (Windsor Community Precinct) 1:30pm
16 October 2018 Beaconsfield 1:30pm
20 November 2018 Riverside (Windsor Community Precinct) Annual General Meeting @ 11:30am 1.30pm
18 December 2018 Beaconsfield 1:30pm
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