While Council is not directly involved in the management of cats, we do encourage and support responsible ownership. The State Government has legislation governing cat control as set out in the Cat Management Act 2009 and Cat Management Regulations 2012.

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania (Formerly DPIPWE) in consultation with key stakeholder groups, developed the Tasmanian Cat Management Plan 2017 - 2022. Amendments to the Cat Management Act 2009, that reflect recommendations in the Plan for regulatory change, came into effect in March 2021 and March 2022.  Further information on these changes and cat management in Tasmania can be found on the NRE Website.

If you have trapped or found a cat, please contact the Just Cats Cat Management Facility on 03 6388 9202.

Being a responsible cat owner is as easy as:

  • Microchipping and fitting a collar and tag to your cat so it can be  clearly identified as a pet and returned to you;
  • Getting your cat desexed to prevent unwanted litters of kittens and keep your cat healthy;
  • Keeping your cat safe indoors or on your property to protect your cat and our native wildlife; and
  • Spreading the word! Talk to your neighbours and your local council about responsible cat management. 

Additional cat management information is available by accessing the following information sheets, the TassieCat Website and the RSPCA's

Cat Safe Enclosure.pdf
Desexing your cat .pdf
Keeping Cats Contained_FAQs.pdf
Keeping Cats Indoors .pdf
Nuisance Cats-2.pdf
Cats Neighbour Letter.pdf
RSPCA Australia Guide to Keeping Your Cat Safe and Happy at Home

West Tamar Council gratefully acknowledges the contribution of  Kingborough  Council, RSPCA and the Tassie Cat website for the above information.

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