The Tasmanian Planning Commission (TPC) has now issued a notice directing Council to modify the draft Local Provisions Schedule.


This means the Tasmanian Planning Scheme (and the daft LPS as if it were modified) will be used to make decisions on planning applications validly made after 24 December 2021).


This may also have impacts on applications for building works as some Director’s Determinations will come into operation once the Tasmanian Planning Scheme is effective. 

Planning and Development

The Tasmanian Planning System

The Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 provides the framework for planning in Tasmania.

For more information about the Tasmanian planning system, visit the Planning Reform Website here.

Planning Scheme 

Tasmania Planning Scheme
The Tasmanian Planning Scheme will be used to assess and decide planning applications that are valid after 24 December 2021.  Further information about the introduction of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme is available here.

West Tamar Interim Planning Scheme 2013
The Interim Planning Scheme will be superseded by the Tasmanian Planning Scheme.  Further information and links to the Interim Planning Scheme are available here.

Planning applications
Information about how to make a planning application is available here.

Planning applications that are currently being advertised are available to view here.

Information about how to make a representation about a planning application is available here.

Planning enquiries
Information about making a planning enquiry is available here.

Planning - Forms and Information

Planning Application Checklist.pdf
Development Application Form - Section 57-58 (222.1 KB)
Notice of Election for a Court Hearing (140.6 KB)

Visitor Accommodation Use in Existing Buildings

The Standard Application Package comprises an Application for Planning Permit and a Building Self-assessment Form.

Visitor-Accommodation-Standard-Application-Package-1-August-2018.pdf (200KB)
New Visitor Accommodation Use information Sheet.PDF (160KB)

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