Road Maintenance

West Tamar Council is continually working to upgrade and maintain the region’s local road network. Our prime objective is to provide a road network which satisfies community needs in respect of service and safety. Our road network contains footpaths, kerb and channelling, 49 bridges and over 300 km of sealed roads and over 160 km of unsealed roads. We regularly inspect our road network and undertake work as required. Some of the works needed to keep this infrastructure up to an acceptable standard in the most efficient and cost effective manner include:

• Re-constructing roads, footpaths and bridges
• Sealing gravel roads
• Grading and re-sheeting gravel roads
• Patching and filling potholes and edgebreaks
• Street sweeping and pit cleaning
• Roadside slashing
• Repairing bridges
• Installing signage and guide posts
• Removal of road kill

Road works fall under 2 different categories:

Capital Works

Capital works are civil construction and engineering works that create or improve an asset for the community to use. They also include constructing or installing facilities and fixtures associated with those works. Major road works that upgrade existing roads, footpaths or drainage are considered capital works by Council. Details of Council’s current capital works program relating to roads can be found in the current financial year’s Budget Report Summary.

Maintenance Repairs

Maintenance repairs include all other works across the region that are necessary to maintain the expected high standard of roads and infrastructure alike. Some examples of general road maintenance involve grading, patching and stabilising. Maintenance repairs are undertaken as they are required based on availability of our maintenance teams and necessary machinery. Our teams will talk to local residents and businesses as required if their activities are likely to affect access to properties. You can lodge a request for maintenance online or alternatively call one of our offices.

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