Stormwater Drainage Network

The stormwater drainage network in the West Tamar is a combination of drains, pits, pipes, open channels including concrete kerbs and natural waterways. Council is generally responsible for road drainage problems. However, roadside drains along State highways and declared main roads are the responsibility of the Department of State Growth (Transport) on 6777 1953.

Council’s objective is to ensure that the stormwater drainage infrastructure minimises surface water ponding, flooding, environmental risks and pollution. To assist this objective a flooding mitigation program is in place where sites that may cause flooding are inspected monthly and appropriate maintenance is carried out to minimise the risk of flooding. Significant drainage pits, culverts and major open drains are checked regularly and Council uses a street sweeper to ensure that pits are clear. Remediation work is undertaken as required.

Residents are encouraged to assist us by reporting significant drainage problems to the Works Department on 6394 5385.

Sometimes Council may require developers to construct on-site water detention systems within a new subdivision or individual property development. These systems temporarily hold the water and release it slowly into the drainage system so as not to cause flooding downstream. These systems may remain the responsibility of the property owner or may be transferred to Council for ongoing management.

Council is progressively analysing its urban drainage network to identify areas where pipes or pits may need replacing or upgrading. This information is used to identify future stormwater capital works that may be required throughout the Council area.

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