Youth Advisory Council

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The aim of the Youth Advisory Council is to provide young people with a stronger voice on community issues.  Council recognises the value of contributions, ideas, energy and opinions which young people can offer.

You don't need to be an existing student leader or have an established position within the community. If you have energy and commitment to your community or even have some ideas about how Council can make the West Tamar a better place for young people, we want to hear from you. Your opinions are important for the development of our community.

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Meeting Dates 2017

All meetings are held at Windsor Community Precinct, Riverside, from 4:00 to 5:15 pm
(Members are welcome to arrive early after school)

Thurs 9th February (first week of school 2017)
Thurs 9th March
Thurs 6th April
Thurs 11th May
Thurs 8th June
Thurs 10th August
Thurs 14th September
Thurs 19th October
Thurs 16th November
Sunday 10th December – Planning day/activity

Stick & Stones

Throughout 2013 the West Tamar Youth Advisory Council (YAC) worked together to produce Sticks & Stones a powerful film about bullying in schools. The film features young people speaking candidly about their experiences and attitudes towards bullying. It highlights the harsh realities of bullying and the significant impact is has on our young people. It is hoped that the film will prompt bullies to think about their behaviour, provide a means of support for victims and reduce the amount of bullying in our schools. To view the video please click here Sticks and Stones

To receive a copy of the DVD please contact Andy Beeston - Youth Development Officer on 6323 9200 or email

 sticks and stones


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