The Tasmanian Planning Commission (TPC) has now issued a notice directing Council to modify the draft Local Provisions Schedule.


This means the Tasmanian Planning Scheme (and the daft LPS as if it were modified) will be used to make decisions on planning applications validly made after 24 December 2021).


This may also have impacts on applications for building works as some Director’s Determinations will come into operation once the Tasmanian Planning Scheme is effective. 

West Tamar Interim Planning Scheme 2013

The West Tamar Interim Planning Scheme 2013 (the Interim Scheme) came into operation on 16 October 2013.  The Interim Scheme applies to the entire West Tamar Council area.

A plan showing the area to which the Interim Scheme applies and copies of the Interim Scheme documents are available for viewing at Council’s Beaconsfield, Riverside and Windsor Precinct Offices and the Offices of the Tasmanian Planning Commission in Hobart (Level 4, 144 Macquarie Street, Hobart Phone 6233 2795).

The Interim Scheme can be downloaded from the following links.

Information about the Tasmanian Planning Scheme can be found in the Planning section of our website.

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