Waste and Recycling Kerbside Collection


All properties in the West Tamar Municipal Area are serviced by a fortnightly waste and recycling collection service.  Click below to explore Recycle Coach, the waste management app that helps keep track of kerbside collections and help you figure out what goes where.

Collection Times

To view the collection times in your area please use the above recyclecoach app or alternatively download and print the following calendar: Garbage Collection Calendar 2018-2019.pdf (200KB)


Annual Special Rubbish Collection

West Tamar Council runs an annual kerbside collection of items too large for the normal kerbside collection service.  This collection is normally held during November each year and residents need to register for this service each year.  In September Council will commence advertising the special collection in the Examiner Newspaper, the Beacon Newsletter and through social media.  Our online registration system is available here. 

Examples of items that can be collected include: 
Smaller electrical appliances including televisions, microwaves and desktop computers. 
Cardboard, broken furniture, old garden stakes and short lengths of timber. (Max 1.5 metres)
Empty paint tins, plastic containers, crates and boxes.
Soft furnishings, curtains, damaged children’s toys and general household bric-a-brac.

The amount of items per household should not exceed 1.5 cubic metres. Items for collection should be able to be safely lifted and placed on a truck by two people. 

Items specifically EXCLUDED - these items will NOT be collected:

Motor vehicle tyres
Rotting or putrid material
Rocks, bricks, concrete, soil
Broken window or plate glass
Tree branches or green waste
Gas cylinders, hazardous waste, asbestos or toxic chemicals
Liquid materials that may leak during disposal such as paint or engine oil
Motor vehicle batteries, engine blocks or large heavy vehicle components
Items exceeding 1.5 metres, 40kg, or items that cannot be easily lifted by 2 workers.


Council's contractor can only empty wheelie bins issued by West Tamar Council and identified with Council's logo. Each property has been issued with a 140L waste bin (green or red lid) and a 140L recycling bin (yellow lid). It should remain at the property on change of ownership. Each bin is marked with a unique identifying serial number, which is recorded by Council.

Placement of bins

When placing a wheelie bin out for collection, please make sure that:

  • bins are placed out for collection the night prior to collection
  • the bin is placed in full view of the road
  • the wheels are facing away from the road
  • it is on level ground and at lest 0.5 metre away from any other wheelie bin
  • the wheelie bin is away from trees, power poles and any obstructions that would prevent the mechanical arm being able to grab the bin
  • the lid is fully shut on the bin
  • there are no items placed on top of the lid. 

 Items which CAN be placed in the RECYCLING bin:

  • Cardboard & Office Paper -  Flatten boxes and place in bin. DO NOT SECURE IN PLASTIC BAGS
  • Newspaper & Magazines -  Place in bin. DO NOT SECURE IN PLASTIC BAGS
  • Milk & Juice Cartons -  Wash & flatten. Place cartons inside each other to make a brick
  • Glass Bottles & Jars - Rinse & remove all caps and lids. NO window glass, oven proof glass, ceramics. Steel lids can go in the bin separately.
  • Pet Bottles -  Clear & coloured plastic bottles with rocket bottom or No.1 in recycling symbol. Rinse, squash and remove all lids
  • HDPE -  All milk & cream clear or opaque containers with rocket bottom or No.2 in recycling symbol. Rinse, squash and remove all lids
  • PVC -  Clear or opaque food containers with No. 3 in recycling symbol. Rinse, squash and remove all lids.
  • LDPE -  Plastics and containers with the No. 4 recycling symbol. Squeeze bottles, black irrigation tube, garbage bins. Ensure items are cleaned well.
  • PP -  Plastics and containers with the No. 5 recycling symbol. Drinking straws, microwave ware, plastic kettles, plastic garden settings, baby baths, plastic hinged lunch boxes.
  • Aluminium & Steel Cans -  Food & drink cans including aerosol cans. All food cans to be washed to clean off food residues. Remove lid on aerosol cans and discard. Steel can lids can be placed inside and can crushed to prevent injury to yourself or the contractor.

Please do not put the above items in plastic bags, leave them loose.


  • Meat trays and plastic bags.
  • Chemical containers.

 Items that should NOT be placed in a waste bin include:

  • hot ashes
  • unwrapped vacuum cleaner dust
  • liquids
  • syringes
  • oils
  • paints and solvents
  • timber and building materials
  • recyclable materials

Replacement Bin

Council's will generally replace bins when a person has genuinely lost a bin or had it stolen or damaged. The property owner may be required to produce a declaration regarding the loss of the bin. The bins should only be used for garbage collection and the collection of recyclables and are not issued for use as general household storage containers. To order a replacement bin, please contact Council on 6323 9300.


Further Information

More information in relation to waste and recycling can be found on the Rethink Waste website or by downloading the following information sheets:


All you need to know about kerbside recycling (973KB)

A-Z guide to recycling and waste (125KB)

Kerbside do's and don'ts (412KB)

Kerbside recycling facts (322KB)



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