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    Party-Safe Programs

    General Information

    • Office of Children and Youth Affairs

      The Community Development Division aims to assist the effective development and coordination of policies, programs and information for children and young people (0-25 years) across the three levels of government and relevant service providers in the community sector.

    • The Foundation for Young Australians

      The Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) is a national, independent, non-profit organisation. We work to improve the way young people learn, the way they live and the way they lead. We do this by investing directly in: young people and youth-led organisations; leading research about young people's lives; and innovative programs in our schools and communities.

    • The Youth Network of Tasmania (YNOT)

      The Youth Network of Tasmania is the peak body for the non-government youth sector in Tasmania.

    • Centrelink

      Centrelink is the Australian Government agency that assists people to become self-sufficient and supports those in need.

    Personal Development

    • Reach

      At Reach a specially trained crew of inspirational leaders run workshops, weekends away and large-scale events that help young people to connect with each other. Teenagers discover for themselves that they do anything they set their minds to.

    Health and Drug Information

    • Family Planning Tasmania

      Family Planning Tasmania aims to provide sexual and reproductive health clinic and education services in a considerate manner that respects the rights to privacy and confidentiality of individuals.

    • Laurel House

      Laurel House is a community-based organisation that offers counselling and support for women, men and children who have ever experienced rape, sexual harassment or child sexual abuse.

    • Drug Education Network

      The Drug Education Network is a statewide organisation that provides health promotion programs, brief interventions and research in relation to alcohol and other drugs in Tasmania.

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