Annual Special Rubbish Collection

West Tamar Council runs an annual kerbside collection of items too large to fit into the kerbside wheelie bin service. This collection is held annually during November and residents need to register for this service each year.  Registrations are open from 1st of September until 31st October each year.

Examples of items that can be collected include: 
• Smaller electrical appliances including televisions, microwaves and desktop computers. 
• Cardboard, broken furniture, old garden stakes and short lengths of timber. (Max 1.5 metres)
• Paint tins (empty or with lid securely fitted), plastic containers, crates and boxes.
• Soft furnishings, curtains, damaged children’s toys and general household bric-a-brac.
• Refrigerators with doors removed, weighing 40kg or less.

The amount of items per household should not exceed 1.5 cubic metres. Items for collection should be able to be safely lifted and placed on a truck by two people. 

Items specifically EXCLUDED - which will NOT be collected:

• Mattresses
• Motor vehicle tyres
• Rotting or putrid material
• Rocks, bricks, concrete, soil
• Broken window or plate glass
• Tree branches or green waste
• Gas cylinders, hazardous waste, asbestos or toxic chemicals
• Liquid materials that may leak during disposal such as engine oil
• Motor vehicle batteries, engine blocks or large heavy vehicle components
• Items exceeding 1.5 metres, 40kg, or items that cannot be easily lifted by 2 workers.

We will contact you via email or letter in the first half of November to advise your collection day.

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