FOGO collection is available in the following areas:

  • Trevallyn - All urban areas in Trevallyn from Bowen Ave and Reatta Road north to the Hydro Electric Commission reserve
  • Riverside - All urban areas in Riverside up to the Junction of Rowsphorn Road and Ecclestone Road, and including New Ecclestone Road and north to Cormiston Creek
  • Legana - All urban areas of Legana including Danbury Drive, Acropolis Drive, Kavala Street to Bridgenorth Road Junction and Stella Court.  North to Bindaree Road and all areas adjacent to Freshwater Point Road, Beach Road and Nobelius Drive and West of the highway in Legana including Outreach Drive and Sunrise Drive.  Collection area will NOT include Muddy Creek Road, Legana or further north.  Collection area will NOT include Bridgenorth Road west of Kavala Street junction
  • Grindelwald - all areas including Atkinsons Road and Pleasant Hills Road
  • Rosevears - including McEwans Road, Craythorne Road, Bradys Lookout Road, and Lanena Crescent
  • Blackwall and Gravelly Beach - through Paper Beach Road
  • Swan Point - all areas.
  • Exeter - all areas within the 60 km speed limit
  • Beaconsfield - all areas within the 60 km speed limit, including West Tamar Highway between Beaconsfield and Beauty Point
  • Beauty Point - all areas within the 60 km speed limit.

A detailed map of the areas in which the FOGO service is available can be found in this FOGO Extension Map.

Why is FOGO NOT available in my area?
Council introduced the voluntary FOGO service in the more densely populated suburbs of Trevallyn, Riverside and Legana and then expanded the service to areas of Grindelwald, Rosevears, Lanena, Blackwall, Gravelly Beach, Swan Point, Exeter, Beaconsfield and Beauty Point. If you would like to see the FOGO service expanded to your area, Please lodge an expression of interest as we will look at introducing it to further areas on a supply and demand basis.

What is the cost for this service?
Once registered, there is an annual fee included on your Rates & Charges for the FOGO service, should you choose to participate. The fortnightly FOGO service includes a 240 litre wheelie bin, 7 litre kitchen caddy and a brochure with details on waste suitable for composting.

Why do City of Launceston have different FOGO charges to the West Tamar Council?
There are a few differences between CoL and WTC. The green waste processing plant is run by CoL and based there, therefore WTC pay CoL to accept our green waste, and we also have to pay higher transport costs to get it to their facility in Mowbray.

We have also chosen to charge an annual fee to ensure that costs incurred by the service are covered by those who decide to opt-in.

How many FOGO bins can I get?
One bin and one kitchen caddy per property.

Can I opt in to the FOGO service if I rent?
Yes, but you need to contact your landlord or real estate agent for them to arrange it, as the annual fee goes onto the owner's Rates and Charges notice.

Can I take my FOGO bin with me if I move?
West Tamar Council's FOGO bins remain the property of Council. If you move to another eligible FOGO area and wish to continue using the service, you can take your bin with you, but you will need to notify us of your new address so that we can ensure the bin is emptied.

If you're moving to an area which doesn't receive a FOGO service, or would no longer like to receive the service, please contact us so that we can collect your bin.

When do I put the FOGO bin out?
The FOGO bin is collected fortnightly in Week A. Check your Waste Calendar or the Recycle Coach app for more details. Place your bin out by 6am on the morning of collection.

How much can my bin weigh?
The mechanical arm on the collection vehicle cannot lift bins over approximately 80kg.

What happens if my bin is too heavy?
If your FOGO bin weighs over 80kg, it may not be collected and you will receive a sticker on the bin or notice in your letterbox. Your options are to remove some organic material and wait two weeks until the next collection, or remove some organic material and contact Customer Service who may be able to arrange a second lift if the Contractors truck is still working in the area.

How can I keep my FOGO below 80kgs?
• Ensure grass clippings are not excessively wet, or alternatively, only partly fill your bin with wet grass clippings.
• Plan ahead, combine some heavier materials, and some lighter material.
• Give green leaves and other green material a chance to partly dry out in the sun.
Follow the what can and can't go in the FOGO bin guide.
• Shake soil off all weeds and unwanted plants.

How do I register for this service?
Registrations are available via the Council website, or if you are unable to register using the web, contact the council office at Riverside.

When will my FOGO Service commence?
Green Waste bins will be delivered approximately two weeks after you register for the service. As soon as you have your bin, you're welcome to start using it. Your FOGO bin will be collected in Week A.

Do I have to use the FOGO service?
No, participation is optional, but Council encourages residents to participate in the service as it has important environmental benefits. 

I already compost my garden and food scraps so why do I need a FOGO bin?
FOGO allows you to easily dispose of a larger variety of organic waste than most residents would compost in a home composting system. Composting food waste at home attracts vermin, ants and odours. Commercial composting guarantees high grade compost with none of these problems for residents.

Can I put compostable/biodegradable coffee cups, food containers and bags into my FOGO bin?
Recent scientific studies have indicated many forms of compostable packaging on the international market contain per- or poly-fluorinated alkyl substances, commonly known as PFAS. The majority of materials contained in this packaging will physically degrade, but the added PFAS does not. It is environmentally persistent and can contaminate water, soil and wildlife.

While the compostable material produced by the City of Launceston's FOGO service currently meets all relevant Australian standards, the Council is taking the precautionary measure of suspending the processing of compostable packaging until new national guidelines governing PFAS in compostable packaging are introduced..

Biodegradable products don’t break down completely, they break down into smaller pieces when exposed to high temperatures, but there is always something leftover at the end. There are coffee cup lids around that are compostable but at the moment the majority are plastic and can just go into the recycling bin. This is the same reason we are saying no to all types of bags in FOGO bins, as there is too much confusion around compostable and biodegradable packaging, and manufacturers branding often tricks people.

What sort of cardboard should go into my FOGO bin?
Food stained cardboard such as pizza boxes and other cardboard packaging that is covered in grease etc. should go into the FOGO bin. Clean cardboard should be placed into your recycling bin as it's a valuable commodity.

Shredded paper can't go into the recycling bin as it's too small for the sorting process to pick out, but it can go into your FOGO bin!

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