FOGO stands for Food Organics and Garden Organics. The FOGO kerbside collection gathers discarded food and garden waste which includes cooked or uncooked fruit and vegetables, lawn clippings, weeds, and garden leaves.

A FOGO service is beneficial to dispose of large quantities of green waste, particularly during spring and autumn, recycling organic waste to produce a high quality saleable compost.  The collection of FOGO material also reduces the amount of waste going to landfill, and the production of Methane Gas which is around 25 times more damaging to the atmosphere than the same amount of CO2. Composting only produces a small amount of CO2.

The service is currently available in the following selected areas:

  • Trevallyn - All urban areas in Trevallyn from Bowen Ave and Reatta Road north to the Hydro Electric Commission reserve.  
  • Riverside - All urban areas in Riverside up to the Junction of Rowsphorn Road and Ecclestone Road, and including New Ecclestone Road and north to Cormiston Creek.
  • Legana - All urban areas of Legana including Danbury Drive, Acropolis Drive, Kavala Street to Bridgenorth Road Junction and Stella Court.  North to Bindaree Road and all areas adjacent to Freshwater Point Road, Beach Road and Nobelius Drive and West of the highway in Legana including Outreach Drive and Sunrise Drive.  Collection area will NOT include Muddy Creek Road, Legana or further north.  Collection area will NOT include Bridgenorth Road west of Kavala Street junction.
  • Grindelwald - all areas including Atkinsons Road and Pleasant Hills Road.
  • Rosevears - including McEwans Road, Craythorne Road, Bradys Lookout Road, and Lanena Crescent.
  • Blackwall and Gravelly Beach - Through to the Paper Beach Road.
  • Swan Point - all areas.
  • Exeter - all areas within the 60 km speed limit.
  • Beaconsfield - all areas within the 60 km speed limit, including West Tamar Highway between Beaconsfield and Beauty Point.
  • Beauty Point - all areas within the 60 km speed limit.

A detailed map of the areas in which the FOGO service is available can be found in this FOGO Extension Map.

Once registered, there is an annual fee included on your Rates & Charges for the FOGO service, should you choose to participate. The fortnightly FOGO service includes a 240 litre wheelie bin, 7 litre kitchen caddy and a brochure with details on waste suitable for composting.

The fortnightly FOGO service includes a 240 litre wheelie bin, 7 litre kitchen caddy, and a brochure with details on waste suitable for collection. Trevallyn, Riverside and Legana will have their FOGO bin collected on the same day but opposite week to their rubbish and recycling collection. All other areas will have their FOGO collected on Friday in Week A. Please refer to our Waste Calendar for more information.

For more information please see FAQ.

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