What is Planning?

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Council regulates the use and development of the land in its municipal area through the administration of the planning approval process. Proposals are assessed against Council's planning scheme and the State's planning legislation, primarily the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 (LUPAA).  This Act details the process Council is required to follow.  The approval process is primarily concerned with the impact of a proposal on the site and neighbouring land.  Some of the issues considered are:      

  • Will it cause overshadowing or a loss of privacy for neighbours?
  • Is it located an appropriate distance from the property boundaries?
  • Is the scale and size of the development appropriate for the area?
  • Is there adequate car parking?
  • Does it create any access or traffic safety issues?
  • Are the hours of operation appropriate for the area?
  • Are there any environmental constraints that need to be considered? 

Do I Need a Planning Permit?

You will usually need to obtain a planning permit from Council when you want to develop or use land or to use an existing building for a different purpose.   The Council planning scheme details the types of use and development that require planning approval and those that are exempt.  The planning scheme currently applicable to the West Tamar municipality is the West Tamar Interim Planning Scheme 2013.  Details of the scheme can be found below, however we recommend that you contact the Council to find out whether you need planning approval for any use or development you might be considering. Council will also give you advice on the information you will need to provide. 

West Tamar Interim Planning Scheme 2013 - Zones - 13 October 2017.pdf  (2.2MB)
West Tamar Interim Planning Scheme 2013 - Codes - 13 October 2017.pdf  (2.0MB)
Zone Mapbook 2013 (5.6MB)
Overlay Mapbook 2013 (16.1MB)

Planning - Forms and Information

Development Application Form - Section 57-58 (222.1 KB)
Notice of Election for a Court Hearing (140.6 KB)

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