West Tamar Council is working cooperatively with landowners, State Agencies and within Council to establish the causes and extent that landslides have in the West Tamar Municipality.  The Project is designed to illustrate the complexities which surround multiple statutory approvals and the added complexity of dealing with private land titles.

It is the full intention of Council as Project Manager to provide an open and transparent process that will provide the latest technological advances made in relation to the identification of landslip areas and best practice management where development and landslip occur together.  The Project is modeled on Commonwealth funded natural disaster funding guidelines designed to present an outcome which is considered both inclusive and informative for all agencies, in particular the community.  The best outcome would be that everyone gains a better understanding to solutions that both mitigate and ultimately prevent landslide from being more prominent as a natural disaster in the West Tamar region and beyond.

The timing of the Project commenced in early 2017 and a working Committee which consists of various State Agencies and a community representative was set up under the direction of the West Tamar Council.  The Council’s Municipal Planner Mr Andrew Brown has the chief responsibility of guiding the Project through the fact finding phase, the technical assessment and community consultation phase to produce a report that will be available to all State Agencies and the community.

Council has been working with those land owners most directly affected by significant landslip at Deviot and now wish to expand the consultation process to include all of the Deviot community in order to obtain their opinion and knowledge of living at Deviot.  The Project has two aspects, the first being the experience of the local community in how they deal with issues surrounding living with or near landslip, and the second aspect being the technical data that can be gathered and assessed.

The timing of the Project after the initial consultation phase will be to consolidate both of these aspects to provide a comprehensive report that will help inform everyone.

A public meeting has been set for Sunday 9th November at the Deviot Hall, 2pm. Further details can be found on our Events Page.

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