Youth Strategy

West Tamar Council recognises the important role young people play in our community and has regularly updates its youth strategy to reflect the needs, concerns and visions held by our youth.

The 2019 West Tamar Youth Survey is now open, collecting the opinions of young people within the West Tamar on Council's activities, programs, facilities, and priorities to form the new 2020-2022 Youth Strategy.

Residents and/or enrolled students of a school located within the West Tamar Municipal area aged between 10 and 24, are eligible to complete the survey.

When completing this survey, you can choose to remain anonymous. Your completed form remains confidential to West Tamar Council unless permission has been provided by you. Participants are only able to be considered for the Mayor's Choice Award if their name is provided on the survey form.

The Mayor's Choice Award is awarded to the participant who has provided the most thoughtful, insightful and constructive answers to assist with the 2020-2022 youth strategy. Your name must be provided on the completed survey form to be considered for this award. 

All surveys completed will be eligible for the Mayor's Choice Award. “The pizza party for your home class” is only applicable to paper applications completed within a school located within the West Tamar Municipality.

The online version of the survey can be accessed here: 2019 West Tamar Youth Survey.

A copy of the current Youth Strategy (Meeting the Needs of Our Young People 2016 - 2019) is available at the following LINK (4.3MB)

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