Youth Strategy

West Tamar Council recognises the important role young people play in our community and has regularly updates its youth strategy to reflect the needs, concerns and visions held by our youth.

The 2019 West Tamar Youth Survey was recently undertaken, collecting the opinions of young people within the West Tamar on Council's activities, programs, facilities, and priorities to form the new 2020-2022 Youth Strategy.

951 young people participated in the survey, a testament to the schools in the area for encouraging students to complete the survey. Awards were presented to the following participants:

  • Mayor’s Award – April Strating (Launceston Christian School)
  • Pizza Party Award – Year 5/6 Clark (Exeter Primary School)
  • YAC Award – Azaleah Dingemanse (Launceston Christian School)

A copy of the current Youth Strategy (Meeting the Needs of Our Young People 2016 - 2019) is available at the following LINK (4.3MB)

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