HOPE Project

The West Tamar Council has received funding of $6000 from a Youth Innovations Grant through ABC’s Heywire Program to make ‘HOPE’ videos addressing important health and well being issues for young people in the West Tamar.

‘HOPE’ stands for ‘Helping Our Peers Educate’ and aims to create relevant and catchy short videos that raise awareness of the top 5 issues facing young people in the West Tamar. Our Youth Advisory Council has worked together with Think Media to create the videos around key issues from our Youth Survey, identified as: Body Image, Bullying, Personal Safety, Mental Health and Peer Pressure.

The nine videos will be a vital resource for the 4500 young people living in the West Tamar, offering a great opportunity to promote positive health and well being throughout the region by providing better access to support and connecting young people to a range of resources available to them.

The videos can be viewed on the West Tamar Youth Advisory Council Facebook Page.


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