Current Advertised Development Applications
West Tamar Interim Planning scheme 2013
Common Planning Questions

Current Advertised Development Applications

The following applications, under Section 57 of the Land Use Planning & Approvals Act 1993 have been received:

PA NO: 2015232
APPLICANT: Adams Building Design
PROPOSAL: Single Dwelling & Outbuilding – Vary Front Boundary Setback & Outbuilding Height & Wall Height
LOCATION: 112a Rosevears Drive, Lanena
CLOSES: 5:00PM 14 December 2015

PA2015232_-_Single_Dwelling_&_Outbuilding_-_112a_Rosevears_Drive_Lanena (7.3 MB)
PA2015232_-_Single_Dwelling_&_Outbuilding_-_112a_Rosevears_Drive_Lanena_-_Plans (2.6 MB) 

PA NO: 2015235
APPLICANT: MZSR Developments
PROPOSAL: Multiple Dwellings x 12 (Staged) –  Vary Front & Rear Boundary Setbacks
LOCATION: Lot 134 Eden Hills Drive, Riverside
CLOSES: 5:00PM 14 December 2015

PA2015235_-_Multiple_Dwellings_Staged_-_Application_Form_&_Bushfire_Assessment (1.3 MB)
PA2015235_-_Multiple_Dwellings_Staged_-_Plans (8.4 MB)
PA2015235_-_Planning_Compliance_A1 (9.7 MB)
PA2015235_-_Plumbing_Plan_A1 (9.4 MB)
PA2015235_-_Traffic_Impact_Assessment (835 KB) 

PA NO: 2015236
PROPOSAL: Dwelling Extension – Vary Side Boundary Setback
LOCATION: 48 Gardners Road, Greens Beach
CLOSES: 5:00PM 14 December 2015

PA2015236_-_Dwelling_Extension_-_48_Gardners_Road_Greens_Beach (5.2 MB)

PA NO: 2015240
PROPOSAL: Shed – Outbuilding Exceeding 80m²
LOCATION: 10 Nobelius Drive, Legana
CLOSES: 5:00PM 14 December 2015

PA2015240_-_Shed_Outbuilding_Exceeding_80m2-_10_Nobelius_Drive_Legana. (1.4 MB)


PA NO: 2015002    -     READVERTISED
APPLICANT: CBM Sustainable Design
PROPOSAL: Visitor Accommodation (26 Cabins, staged) and General Retail
and Hire (Day Spa) and Signage (Ground Sign) – Vary Side and Rear Boundary Setbacks
LOCATION: 215 Rosevears Drive, Rosevears
CLOSES: 5:00PM 7 December 2015

PA2015002 - Visitor Accommodation - 26 Cabins staged -
215 Rosevears Drive Rosevears - Application form and plans (8.2 MB)

PA2015002_ Traffic_Assessement_215_Rosevears_Drive (1.2 MB)
PA2015002_Day_Spa_Operation_Details (29 KB) 

PA NO: 2015090
PROPOSAL: Multiple Dwellings (x3)
LOCATION: 247 West Tamar Road, Riverside
CLOSES: 5:00PM 7 December 2015

PA2015090_-_Multiple_Dwellings_x_3_-_247_West_Tamar_Road_Riverside_-_Application (742 KB)
PA2015090_-_Multiple_Dwellings_x_3_-_247_West_Tamar_Road_Riverside_-_Traffic_Assessment (746 KB)
PA2015090 - Multiple Dwellings x 3 - 247 West Tamar Road Riverside - Plans (6.5 MB) 

PA NO: 2015227
APPLICANT: PDA Surveyors obo Bosveld Pty Ltd
PROPOSAL: Subdivision – Boundary Adjustment
LOCATION: 7b & 9 Legana Park Drive, Legana
CLOSES: 5:00PM 7 December 2015

PA2015227_-_Boundary_Adjustment_-_7b_&_9_Legana_Park_Drive_Legana (1.3 MB)

PA NO: 2015228
PROPOSAL: Shed Larger Than 80m² (Flood Prone Area)
LOCATION: 14 New Road, Kelso
CLOSES: 5:00PM 7 December 2015

PA2015228_-_Shed_-_14_New_Road_Kelso (2.7 MB)

PA NO: 2015233
APPLICANT: Lez Penzes Architect
PROPOSAL: Resource Processing – Vary Front Boundary Setback, Signage
LOCATION: 9 Craythorne Road, Rosevears
CLOSES: 5:00PM 7 December 2015


PA NO: 2015225
APPLICANT: Urban Design Solutions
PROPOSAL: Single Dwelling - Vary Site Coverage & Rear & Both Side Boundary Setbacks (Landslip Risk Area)
LOCATION: 157A Rowella Road, Sidmouth
CLOSES: 5:00PM 2 December 2015

PA2015225 - Dwelling 157A Rowella_Road (8.9 MB)


At any time before the listed closing date any persons may make representations in relation to the proposal by letter
addressed to the General Manager, PO Box 59 Beaconsfield, 7270, by fax 6383 6384 or by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
please include a contact phone number.

Ian Pearce

West Tamar Interim Planning scheme 2013 Go to Top of the Page

The West Tamar Interim Planning Scheme 2013 (the Interim Scheme) came into operation on 16 October 2013. 

The Interim Scheme applies to the entire West Tamar Council area.

A plan showing the area to which the Interim Scheme applies, and copies of the Interim Scheme documents, are available for

viewing at Council’s Beaconsfield, Riverside and Windsor Precinct Offices and the Offices of the

Tasmanian Planning Commission in Hobart (Level 4, 144 Macquarie Street, Hobart ph 6233 2795).  

The Interim Scheme can be downloaded from the following links. 

The maps can also be viewed through the LISTmap service by clicking here 
You will need to add the planning layer and then select the Tasmanian Planning Scheme zoning and overlay to 
view mapping

information.  You can search for your property address by using the search window on the top left hand side of the screen


Information sheets are available for the zones  (click HERE (268 KB))   and codes

(click HERE (137 KB)). These documents provide general information on the planning scheme.


The Interim Scheme was notified in late 2013 and the 55 representations were received. 

The representation were considered by Council at its meeting in March 2014 and forwarded to the Tasmanian Planning

Commission to commence the statutory approval process.



We are waiting to be informed by the Commission what will happen to assessment of the Interim Scheme following

the State Election. 

Staff are available at the Council Offices in Eden Street, Riverside, to answer any questions that you may have.


Planners can also be contacted on 6323 9300.


Exeter Structure Plan

The Exeter Structure Plan is now ready to view. A PDF copy is available below and a hard copy is available to view at the
Council office in Eden Street, Riverside.

Exeter Structure Plan (9.7 MB)


If you have any questions or comments, please contact James Ireland on 6393 9323 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
or drop into the Riverside office by 22nd August 2014.

Common Planning Questions Go to Top of the Page

In what circumstances do I need to apply for planning permission?
Planning permission is required for most use or development. The law defines 'use' as: the manner of utilising land; and 'development' as: the construction, exterior alteration or exterior decoration of a building; the demolition or removal of a building or works; the construction or carrying out of works; the subdivision or consolidation of land, including buildings or airspace; the placing or relocation of a building or works on land; and the construction or putting up for display of signs or hoardings.

Planning permission will not always be necessary. For example, internal alterations to residential dwellings, or minor external alterations/modifications (eg general landscaping, security alarms, or power or telecommunication connections) will not require planning permission and in most instances fences or hedges, below a certain height, will be exempt. Also certain changes between similar uses may not need planning permission.

Contact Council's Planning Department for free informal advice on whether planning permission is needed.

Where can I get a planning application form?
A planning application form can be downloaded from HERE or obtained from Council's Beaconsfield of Riverside offices.

Can I get help with filling in the planning application form?
Assistance in completing an application form can be obtained from Council's Riverside office or from a private agent.

Is there a charge for making a planning application?
All applications for planning permission will require the payment of a fee. The fee depends upon the type and scope of use or development being proposed. A copy of the schedule of fees can be downloaded from HERE. Alternatively, contact Council's Planning Department for a calculation of the fees for a particular proposal.

What happens when a planning application is submitted?
The application is initially checked by Council staff for compliance with the planning scheme and to ensure all necessary information for the assessment of the application has been provided.

If the application is deficient, Council will formally request the applicant provide additional information or justification. The application will sit in abeyance until the requested information has been received by Council.

A planning application for a use or development which is discretionary will be publicly notified only when requested information has been received by Council.

Can I look at the plans for a current planning application?
The plans and other supporting documentation for current planning applications can be viewed at Council's Riverside office during office hours.

How does consultation work?
The Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 requires a planning application, which is discretionary, to be public advertised for a period of not less than fourteen days. The process of advertising is:

  • individual letters to owners and occupiers of adjoining properties;
  • a site notice on all public boundaries; and
  • an advert in a daily newspaper circulating generally in the area.

Depending upon the nature of the application, it may be necessary to refer it to other government agencies or statutory bodies for assessment.

If you wish to make a submission regarding a particular application, write, email or fax your comments to Council, clearly identifying the application number. Any submission must be received by Council within the fourteen day public advertising period in order to be lawful. The contents of all lawful submissions are included in any assessment of an application for planning permission.

How is a decision on a planning application reached?
All planning applications are assessed by Council's Planning Department, which must take into account:

  • the relevant provisions of the planning scheme
  • the design and layout
  • integration with surrounding environment
  • impact on surrounding amenity
  • potential environmental nuisance
  • capacity of physical infrastructure
  • any submissions which may have been received during the public advertising period

In some cases, planning applications will be recommended for approval in the format they were submitted. In other instances the proposal may be modified with the imposition of conditions or refused where it can not be made to conform with the planning scheme and sound planning principles.

Council's Planning Department writes a report for every planning application, recommending that it either be approved or refused.

How is a decision on a planning application made?
Planning applications are determined either:

  • under delegated powers; or
  • at Council meetings.

Under delegated powers, senior Council officers have the authority to make decisions to grant or refuse the issue of a planning permit. These powers are limited to particular matters, and are intended to enable applications to be processed efficiently.

Council considers all matters which are either controversial or the subject of public representations. The Councillors decide whether to grant or refuse the issue of a planning permit for these matters. Council meetings are public and anyone is entitled to speak during community input time, either in favour or opposition of a proposal, which is at the commencement of the meeting.

How long does the decision making process on planning applications take?
The Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 requires Council to determine applications within forty-two days from the date of submission. However, Council aims to determine applications within the following periods:

  • permitted use or development, no referral - fifteen days
  • permitted use or development, with referral - thirty-five days
  • discretionary use or development, no referral - twenty-eight days
  • discretionary use or development, with referral - forty-two days

Applications which are not submitted with the necessary level of detail will take longer to process, as will complex applications.

Consulting with Council's Planning Department prior to formally submitting a planning application and ensuring all necessary information is included, will reduce the time necessary for processing the application.

What can I do if I am unhappy about the decision on my planning application?
An applicant for planning permission or a person who has lodged a formal representation, may appeal against any part of Council's decision. An appeal must be lodged with the Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal within fourteen days from the date of notification of Council's decision. The Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal is an independent body which deals with all planning appeals.

Boundary Fences Fact Sheet

Boundary Fences Fact Sheet (180 KB)

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