Strategic Planning


The future directions for the northern region are established in a range of strategic documents at the State, Region and Council Level. 


The Regional Land Use Strategy for Northern Tasmania is the principal statutory tool used by the State and establishes a range of land use, social, environmental, economic and cultural objectives for a 20-year period.  This strategy was approved by the Minister for Planning. There are other strategies for the southern and north western regions of the State.  There are also a range of other statutory requirements and State Policies that establish strategic planning obligations on Council.  These can be obtained from the Tasmanian Planning Commission website


Information on State Government planning reform programs can be obtained from the Tasmanian Planning Commission and Department of Premier and Cabinet websites.


A summary of Council’s strategic land use planning policies is provided under sections 2 and 3 of the West Tamar Interim Planning Scheme 2013, which can be obtained from this link.


Council also uses Structure Plans to establish strategic goals for the long term planning for its communities.



Legana Structure Plan

The Legana Structure Plan is a strategic blueprint for how Legana will grow over the next 20 years and beyond. Legana is often cited as being the fastest growing area in Tasmania and will become a major regional centre.  The Structure Plan will ensure that Legana remains a great place to live, work and play for the future. 

Key aspects of the plan include:
• A revitalised town centre with an improved street layout
• A wider range of commercial activities in the town centre
• A major access boulevard from the town centre to the southern side of Legana
• Capacity for street closures to host markets and festivals
• New recreation facilities
• Space for education sites
• A river edge park and improved walking tracks
• More land open for residential development

The Structure Plan has two parts, one for Legana as a whole and another for the Town Centre.  

The Plans were on public consultation from 11 June to 11 August 2014.  47 submissions were received, which were workshopped with Council to consider the changes that would be required as a result of that process.  A report on that consultation process is available here Legana Structure Plans - report on submissions v2.2  (3.1 MB)

The Structure Plans that Council adopted at its meeting on 21 October 2014 are available here:

Final Legana Local Area Structure Plan after community consultation  (23.5 MB)

FINAL Legana Town Centre Report after community consultation  (22.5 MB)

All questions and comments should be directed to any of the elected members or Council’s Municipal Planner on 6323 9300 or email


Exeter Structure Plan

Following consultation with the Exeter community and business owners, Council prepared a structure plan for the town.  It was adopted by Councillors at their July 2014 meeting. The plan proposed a number of projects to be undertaken in Exeter. These projects were split into those that can be commenced immediately, those that require further work and those that are for the future and may depend on other factors (for example, the sale of land). Council is working on those projects in the first group. The Exeter Structure Plan can be downloaded below.

Exeter Structure Plan (9.96MB)

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